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Price Competition for Citizenship by Investment?

With a number of countries now vying for citizenship by investment candidates, the market may start tilting more in favor of applicants.  A previously threatened increase in Dominica’s citizenship by investment costs failed to materialize.  Recently, Cyprus reduced some of...

Like the Election Results? Don’t like the Election Results? Read on!

One of the outcomes of the recent U.S. election was both the threat of some disaffected Americans that they would leave the country.  And of course, some of the Americans whose candidate was victorious gleefully invited those fellow citizens to leave.  Ironically, most of those...

Cyprus Cuts Citizenship By Investment Requirements In Half

Cypriot Cabinet Loosen Eligibility Requirements For Citizenship By Investment Program   The Government of the Republic of Cyprus has announced dramatic changes to the eligibility requirements for their popular Citizenship By Investment Program.   The wildly successful...

Dominica Citizenship by Investment Price Remains the Same

In the last few months, there had been rumors that the Dominica citizenship by investment program was going to raise its cost far above its current price of $100,000.  For now, however, the price will stay the same.

An affordable citizenship by investment option for families: Grenada.

One of the factors that can affect the costs of applying for citizenship by investment is who all the primary applicant intends to make part of the application. Many citizenship by investment programs charge large fees for additional family members (such as spouse and children)...

Fund a movie–get a passport

I’ve not verified if this is in fact correct, but if so, this would be a very innovative qualifying investment for a citizenship by investment program: Bob Marley Film Financing.    

Malta Citizenship by Investment has financially benefited the small island country

Malta’s Citizenship By Investment Program Nets €1 Billion In Two Years  

St. Lucia launches its first real estate CIP project

First economic citizenship real estate project approved in St. Lucia  

Diversification–Peace of Mind in Uncertain Times

The United States, in its upcoming elections, is in a period of uncertainty. Large groups of people are crying out for change, sometimes, at the expense of their fellow citizens. This upheaval has caused the rise of extremist candidates who have convinced citizens some that the...

Channel Islands Residency and Citizenship article

Nice article about the rules and benefits of obtaining residency and eventual citizenship in Guernsey and Jersey.