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assest protectionThe Deaton Law Firm offers citizenship, offshoring and asset protection services as a subset of its business law practice. Because these services are specialized and geared toward a different subset of the firm’s normal clientele, we’ve created this separate website to better explain these services.

International Citizenship and Residence Legal Solutions

We understand that for our clients, mobility through business is the paramount requirement. Our solutions enable a truly international lifestyle, underpinned by freedom and security of identity. We can assist our clients in obtaining alternative citizenship or residency in order to create the freedom to live and transact business around the world.

Asset Protection Legal Solutions

Our clients have worked hard, taken risks, invested wisely, and have accumulated financial comfort and wealth. We assist our clients in protecting their assets through wealth protection solutions. We help advise them to steer them clear of unneeded, wasteful, unethical and illegal asset protection schemes.

International Legal Consultancy

We can assist our clients in transacting their business worldwide, while remaining in compliance with both United States laws and the laws of the countries in which they do business.