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Citizenship Factors to Consider

When deciding on a country in which to become a new citizen, there are a number of citizenship factors to consider:

Residence Requirements

  • Do you have to attend the country in person?
  • Is there a minimum stay required each year?

Ease and Speed of Application

  • How long will the application take?
  • Is the application process complicated?

Legality of the Programme

  • Is the programme legitimate?
  • Is the investment externally audited?
  • Has the programme been ‘tried and tested’?

Reputation and Recognition

  • Does the passport allow visa-free travel to countries you visit?
  • Does the programme have a good reputation?

Investment Level

  • What is the minimum investment required?
  • Are there multiple investment options?
  • Can the investment return a profit?
  • If the application is not successful, is the investment refunded?
  • If necessary, can the investment be managed on your behalf?

Stability of Country

  • Is the country politically and economically stable?
  • Does the country have good diplomatic relations with major countries?

Citizenship Obligations

  • Are there any special obligations you must comply with as a citizen?
  • Are there any restrictions you should be aware of as a citizen?


  • Are your children and spouse also able to become citizens?
  • Does citizenship extend to future generations?


  • If your current nation’s control and intrusion into your personal affairs is concerning you, an alternative citizenship and second passport could assist.


  • Is taxation in the chosen country favourable to your international tax planning objectives?